LiveJournal Icons

The images on this page have been created by various folks for use on journalling sites like LiveJournal and GreatestJournal. They are free for your use, but please don't post them on other sites without permission or credit. For LJ you need a paid account to use the Glitch-Bob mood icons; the zip file contains all the instructions you need to install it yourself if you do.

Glitch-Bob themed mood icons by Alryssa

(56 icons in all)

Download zip file with instructions

accomplished aggravated amused
annoyed anxious awake
blank bored busy
caffeinated cheerful cold
confused contemplative crushed
curious depressed determined
devious dorky drained
embarrassed energetic flirty
frustrated full giddy
giggly grateful hopeful
horny hungry hyper
irritated jealous lonely
loved melancholy mellow
okay optimistic pissed off
rejected sad satisfied
scared shocked sick
silly sore surprised
thirsty tired weird
working worried quixotic