Lyss n' Timey visit!

Ryss and Timey in the Army Surplus store
Ryss and Timey in the army surplus
store at the flea market
Timey in the car
Timey looking cool
riding in the back seat
Creepy doll heads o.O
Altogether now, sing!
"Doll Heads! Doll Heads!
Freaky Creepy Doll Heads!"
Ryss n'Timey,
Evil Twins Extraordinaire!
Lyss reading
Lyssie enjoying the
spoils of war - namely, comics.
Lyssie with Moya
Bonnet Pose!
Posing in the flea market
parking lot
Where else would you find a Timey?
Timey. Books. Books. Timey.
Timey lets it out
AndrAIa Timey lets her hair down
A Study In Timey
A Study In Time(y).
Hanging out
Ryss, Lyss, and Timey