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Every Month Is International ReBoot Month!

ReBoot 4.0 Finally Released To DVD!

No, you saw that right - ReBoot season 4 is finally being released to Region 1 DVD this month (May), 2004! has it listed as a Region 1 release, priced at around $15:

Click Here for the listing at Amazon!

The company releasing the discs is Anchor Bay Entertainment; another recent acquisition of IDT Media. This helps confirm many fans' hopes that IDT will indeed be looking to market ReBoot: as it stated in its acquisition of Mainframe last year, the company was hoping to "exploit (Mainframe's) proprietary properties".

It was previously thought that another company (ADV, who released season 3) held the rights for season 4, but that no longer seems to be the case - which has us all now wondering, how did they manage that, and if IDT bought the rights to season 4's distribution, did they also gain the rights for seasons 1 and 2, previously thought to be held by Universal?

In light of this news, the organiser of ReBoot Month (that would be me...) will therefore be requesting that distributors of season 4 episodes no longer burn VCD's of that season for Region 1 individuals (Canada and North America).

I am willing to allow for those who cannot view Region 1 discs, however. If you are NOT a resident of the US or Canada, you may still request copies of season 4. Please respect this decision. As fans, it is entirely our responsibility to let this company know there is still a wide, supportive fanbase out there willing to purchase ReBoot material. We must support legitimate DVD sales if we want the possibility of seeing any more ReBoot on TV, or in future DVD release.

Yes, I know, not all of you have money to spare. Ask for it as a birthday present! Save! It's really not that expensive. If you're feeling flush, however, Mainframe has relaunched its store! Find mugs, sweaters, baseball caps and mousepads galore! It's important now more than *ever* to send the message that we want ReBoot back! The work's not over, folks - it's only just beginning.

And could this be good news for fans of Mainframe's other shows as well? We can but hope!

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