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Listed here are the fans who have volunteered their services to help out those of you who don't have ReBoot episodes on hand to share. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. This is a significant demand of their spare time and resources. Only ask for a couple of episodes at this time. You can always contact them at later date when their workload is much less. The object is to get episodes out to as many people as possible, so some may limit you to one CD or tape at a time. Some are even doing this at no cost to you, so please - make sure you thank them.

Who: Sita
Where: Texas, USA
Episodes: All except 'Gigabyte', 'Trust No One', and 'Firewall'. List here:
Formats: Majority in .MPG format, some .MOV (Quicktime)
Will Ship CD's To: Canada & Continental US only
Cost: None - limit of one CD per person, please.
Other Distribution: Possibly Imesh, Soulseek & BitTorrent (To be confirmed)

Who: Brenda Ana
Where: Pennsylvania, USA
Episodes: Seasons 1, 3 and 4 plus a 'Making of ReBoot' special
Format: VCD's, also season 4 on VHS. Can convert VCD files to .mov
Will Ship To: Within the US
Cost: Almost nothing. Postage would be nice, and money for video cassettes, if that's what people like, but I can get CD's at almost no cost, and can ship them pretty cheaply, too, so people shouldn't be afraid to e-mail me for something just because they're poor.

Who: Ridwan Hughes
Where: United Kingdom
Episodes: All
Format: PAL DVD (NTSC to come) Website:
Will Ship To: Anywhere at all.
Cost: I was thinking $45 for the 4 disc set including postage. (Cost of one disc alone pending) You have to remember that all the episodes have been captured in their native PAL format from first generation VHS tapes - not copies of copies but the actual tapes used to record the broadcasts. I've put a lot of effort into it, well over 130 hours of computing time has gone into cleaning the captured episodes and the hardware I've bought to do VHS to DVD hasn't been cheap (the video capture device cost over $400 alone)

Who: The Crazy Canuck
Where: Canada
Episodes: All
Format: All but 'Web World Wars' on VHS, all of them in .mpg and .avi (DivX). Can encode to any other format on request. So, can distribute as VHS, VCD or CD.
Cost: Will ship within US and Canada for free, international please send S&H. Orders for more than a couple of CD's, please send blanks and postage - offerings of chocolate also greatly appreciated :)

Who: Alryssa
Where: Ohio, USA
Episodes: Season 4 (TV-rip, 8 episodes)
Format: .mpg
Cost: Will accept fan art, fic, icons, anything of Bob, if one cannot afford postage. No cost for one CD. For the entire 3-CD set, blanks and postage or equivalent would be nice. :)
Will Ship: Anywhere

Who: Charles RB
Where: UK
Episodes: 'Identity Crisis' Pts 1 & 2; 'Infected'; 'High Code'; 'Nullzilla'; 'Gigabyte'; 'Trust No One'; 'Web World Wars'; All of season 4.
Format: Gigabyte & Season 4 are MPEG files; everything else is low-size .WMV. All are on CD- Season 4 is 2 episodes per CD due to file size, everything else is on just one CD. Will Ship: Anywhere
Cost: For the UK, just a blank CD for each CD you want; anywhere else, a blank CD and the cost of postage (in English currency preferably).