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Yes, indeed, folks! Our favourite blue Guardian is here on a bi-weekly basis to answer your burning questions! Send your questions to Bob, care of me at, and check in regularly to see Bob answer things ranging from how to juggle nulls to mending a broken heart! It's all here, right on the GBEB!

Here are the latest missives from Glitch-Bob himself:

Oct. 1st, 2003

Dear Bob,

How do I gain the attentions of a devastatingly handsome system Guardian?

luv, Mask Gurl

Dear Mask Gurl,

Leave him the hell alone.

Love, Bob

Dear Bob,

Why, despite her horrible movies, does Jennifer Lopez continue to be so popular?

- Perplexed Ben

Dear Perplexed,

ASCII, and lots of it. Not that
I've noticed, or anything.

Love, Bob

Dear Bob,

My system was recently invaded by an all-powerful 'User Guardian'. How do I kill her and make it look like an accident?

- Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

Uh... I think I'll have to pass this one on to Matrix.

Love, Bob

Dear Bob,

What three things could you not live without?

love, Ryuu-sama

Dear Ryuu,

I have to choose THREE? Let's see... Dot... and, uh... oh. Um. I'll get back to you.

Love, Bob

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