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May is International Hexadecimal Month!

HOT NEWS: ReBoot 4.0 Released To DVD!

What's International ReBoot Month?

International ReBoot month is an ongoing fan campaign to swell the ranks of its active fandom members by asking existing fans to introduce their friends to the series and its possibilities. By doing so, we hope to increase interest and demand, as well as breathe new life into its fan community. What better way to celebrate the series' tenth anniversary?

By friends, we don't mean your mother, your great-uncle, or your friend's younger brother. We need people who can and hopefully will contribute to the online fandom in a creative, significant way, either through discussion, fan art, fan fiction, or some other means; in other words, people you know who are probably already active within other fandoms in such a capacity. ReBoot fandom's main problem is that a lot of its older, active members have drifted away, leaving a significant void.

What's the deal with Hex being on all the banners?

We've decided to have a themed month for every month this year. The idea is to showcase individual characters, focusing on their best (and worst) episodes, distributing them to those who aren't so lucky, and discussing them on various boards. For the whole month, that character is the star, and this month the spotlight is on the wildly popular chaos virus, Hexadecimal. We're encouraging fans to write or recommend Hex-themed fanfiction, create artwork, videos, comics, you name it - even if it's just a short limerick. Anything goes!

How do I get involved?

There are a couple of ways: the single most important way is by simply grabbing a couple of your favourite Hex-centric ReBoot episodes and asking a few of your friends - who may or may not have ever heard of the show before - to watch them. One episode is roughly 20 minutes, so it's not a big sacrifice of their time. Get them intrigued!

Point them, or simply join us on the various boards - get talking about it! Start your own contests, or discussions. Even if you don't really like the character that much, at least support the principle behind it - because next month, it'll change again ;)

Webmasters and Mistresses: You can help out by publicising this event using one of the buttons below (or, if you don't like this design, you can create your own to use and send it in for putting up here). Use the button to link to this page.

International Hex Month!

Plain International ReBoot Month Banner

Sita has created some lovely LJ icons, banners and images for use just about anywhere.

Look further down the page for more images that you can use in your LiveJournal, Web Blog, or as avatar images on message boards.

We also need distributors - fans who have episodes who can help other fans out who don't, so they can participate. If you're willing to help, please email me with the following:

  • What episodes you have
  • What country you're in and what countries you're willing to mail stuff to if applicable
  • What format they're in (VHS, MPEG, AVI, etc)
  • Your preferred method of distribution (FTP, VCD, CD, P2P software)
  • What you will accept as payment (such as blank CD's plus postage, or offerings of chocolate or fan art, for instance)
  • Your preferred contact email address
  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS: We do NOT advocate bootlegging of Season 3 episodes, and as of right now there is a moratorium on season 4 VCD's (with exceptions, please click here for details) as these are already available on DVD in the USA. If we want the other seasons released eventually, we MUST encourage legitimate sales of existing DVD's. However, we are aware that not everyone can play American DVD's, so there MAY be exceptions based on country.

    If you do decide to become a distributor, or you contribute to this event's organisation in any way (such as making icons), you can freely use this icon as an avatar, LJ icon or on your site:

    Hex Month Team Member

    I want to do this, but I don't have any episodes to share!

    That's OK. We know how hard it is to obtain episodes; that's why we're trying to set up a distribution list for those of you who don't have ready access to them. Check back here regularly for updates to find out where you can get a couple. Please don't ask for entire runs of seasons - our distributors will have enough work to try and keep up as it is. Try to pick a couple of favourites and ask for those. You can always ask them at a later date if you can have a more complete set when they're not as busy.

    What episodes should I show?

    Good question - glad you asked. Choice of episodes is important. Don't, whatever you do, show "payoff" episodes - episodes that end an arc (like 'End Prog', for example!). The current list of recommendations includes the following:

  • 'Racing the Clock'
  • 'The Medusa Bug'
  • 'Painted Windows'
  • 'Sacrifice'

  • I want to help out in other ways - what can I do?

    Great! Help is always appreciated :) You can help by being a distributor, advertising on your website, spreading the word, making banners, buttons or other graphics, or just raving about it on your LiveJournal, web blog, or forum - as long as it's sort of on-topic for the forum, that is. Please, please, please, respect posting rules at your various forums. You can get around them a little, however, if you decide to use one of the icons below that have been created as an avatar image:
    International Hex Month! International Hex Month Supporter! Hex Month: May 2004

    You can also help by showing your existing support for the show by writing to Mainframe Entertainment. (By writing, we mean actually using paper and pen, not email). We hope to raise awareness of the demand and our love for the show despite the company's recent upheaval with a concentrated burst of support, instead of sporadic letters over a long period of time. By becoming an organised fanbase, we can draw better attention to the show and better focus our efforts as a whole. Just saying, "Hey... thanks for ReBoot!" isn't too hard to do. While the original creators aren't at MFE anymore, a lot of the animators who worked on the show probably still work there, so try and make them feel appreciated for the work they did.

    We won't be publishing a 'form letter'. We want your writing to come from your heart. My advice is also to make the effort to print the envelope's address, to make it look professional and neat. If you need suggestions, or you have suggestions for others, send them in for inclusion on the site.

    The address for Mainframe to mail letters to is:

    Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
    Suite 200, 2025 West Broadway
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    V6J 1Z6

    I also suggest sending letters to the President of IDT Media's Digital Production Solutions (read about their takeover of Mainframe here):

    Morris Berger, President
    Digital Production Solutions
    520 Broad St
    Newark NJ 07102

    May 4th, 2004